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Civilization IV: Beyond the Sword review

The end of Civilization as we know it?

One quirky new feature is the appearance of random events. They’re presented as nothing more than simple text boxes that pop up to inform you of all manner of natural and unnatural happenings. A twister may damage some farm lands and you’re given multiple choices of, say, spending cash to repair it or letting the crops fail and suffering a hit in food production. A neighboring civilization could suffer a similar fate and one of your choices could be to help them out - it’ll cost you but will boost your relationship with them.

Of the other additions, the predictable new civilizations - seven in total, replete with unique units and buildings - will guarantee many hours play, even if it’s just to try them out. The Babylonians and the Holy Roman Empire are strong, whilst the seafaring Dutch make the most of the new naval improvements, especially on a Terra or Old/New World map. Of all the new military units, it’s Paratroopers that open up play the most, their 10-tile airdrop range allowing for more sophisticated operations.

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DescriptionWith tons of new units, leaders, and scenarios, it's the biggest expansion to ever hit any Civ game.
Franchise nameCivilization
UK franchise nameCivilization
US censor ratingRating Pending
Alternative namesCivilization 4, Civ 4
Release date24 July 2007 (US), (UK)