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Civilization IV: Beyond the Sword review

The end of Civilization as we know it?

New national wonder the Moai Statues (those Easter Island heads) gives a production bonus to every water tile, giving watery civilizations a real boost. Similarly, new naval units and rules may at last give naval powers a chance. Privateers are basically pirate ships that let you attack without being identified, while the Ship of the Line is a frigate beater. Modern vessels, the Attack Submarine, Missile Cruiser and Stealth Destroyer, perpetuate the sea battles; the new blockade rules allow all ships to seriously affect a rival’s trade and cut off strategic resources.

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DescriptionWith tons of new units, leaders, and scenarios, it's the biggest expansion to ever hit any Civ game.
Franchise nameCivilization
UK franchise nameCivilization
US censor ratingRating Pending
Alternative namesCivilization 4, Civ 4
Release date24 July 2007 (US), (UK)