Behold: A rather excellent James Bond special from our lovely friends at PlayStation Access

PlayStation Access are great. They're smart and funny and do cool things involving games. That's why they're our friends. So please accept out recommendation to read their spiel about their new James Bond special, and then watch the hell out of it.

James Bond is back with a bang, with 007 Legends out today and blockbuster Skyfall in cinemas next week. So of course what we did on PlayStation Access was to get hold of the new Xperia T Bond phone and make some stupid jokes about it. 

You can see the stupidity in question in the video right here. And actually that’s not all – you can also see us wearing a snappy tuxedo to play 007 Legends, Total Film magazine delivering their verdict on Skyfall, and some supercar action as we drive Porches with Criterion in the name of Need For Speed: Most Wanted. Let us know what you think in the comments, and if you want more PlayStation Access you can find it on youtube.


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