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  • Jeep Wheelie

    Entry location: Suez Canal
    First get in a jeep (preferably a PAC jeep, they work better.) In Suez canal, drive toward the main bridge, gathering a good amount of speed. hit the speed boost just before you enter the bridge. If done correctly, you should pull a tail-grinding wheelie for about 3 seconds.
    Submitted by Glitchfinder

Battlefield 2142 Hints

  • Easy Rank Up

    First, go to multiplay. Then, organize the servers by Player number. Scroll down until you start to reach servers with 6-10 players in them (Because you need 7 players to start a game). Now, look for a server doing Titan mode. Join that server. Now, grab a tank from somewhere and drive over to the enemy titan. Shoot off all of its guns on the underside. After destroying all four, you'll get a medal worth 20 points. Now, go capture however many silos you want, then leave the server and repeat the whole thing over again.
    Submitted by Nate Von Socks
  • Cool Fighter Trick

    To do this trick, you will need a fighter aircraft. This works better with the PAC fighter, but both work. First, get into the aircraft and fly straight up. Watch your mini-map so you do not fly of the map and die. When you get to any height above 2000 feet and bail out. Look up and make sure you stay under the craft. When it passes you, follow it down until you see the ground. Then, jump in at the last second and pull up, or you'll smash into the ground at 2000 mph. This looks really cool if you or doing it or even watching it. Have Fun!
    Submitted by KrazyMonkey124

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Available Platforms: PC
Genre: Shooter
Published by: EA GAMES
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