50 Sexiest '80s Movie Stars

Jamie Lee Curtis

The Star: Having made her name as Scream Queen Laurie Strode in the Halloween series, Jamie Lee Curtis ensured a permanent spot in our hearts with her turn as a happy hooker in Eddie Murphy vehicle Trading Places .

Sexiest Moment:
The scene in Trading Places . You know, the scene. Don’t come the innocent with us… you know.

Richard Gere

The Star: Forget all that gerbil-related unpleasantness, back in the ’80s, Richard Gere was the go-to guy for romantic leading man material. And nobody before or after has worn naval whites better…

Sexiest Moment: Sweeping Debra Winger off her feat at the close of An Officer And A Gentleman .

Lea Thompson

The Star: As cute as a button with a killer body to boot, anyone who’s seen Back To The Future can testify to the sheer loveliness of Lea Thompson. Even Marty McFly seems a little confused…

Sexiest Moment: Capering around in a tiny pair of pants in Howard The Duck . The one redeeming feature of a veritable train-wreck of a movie.

Matthew Broderick

The Star: Once a teen icon, Matthew Broderick has gone on to mine paunchy, dishevelled middle-age to great comic effect as the years have gone by. A great example of working with what you’re given.

Sexiest Moment: Singing in the shower in Ferris Bueller , fashioning his hair into a makeshift mohawk as he does so.

Sharon Stone

The Star: Some of her sexiest big-screen moments would come in the following decade, but Sharon Stone had already made strides towards sex symbol status during the ’80s, as anyone who’s seen Stardust Memories can attest to.

Sexiest Moment: The farewell kiss she blows Woody Allen in the aforementioned movie. And with that, we had fallen in love.

Matt Dillon

The Star: If there was a troubled teen role going in the ’80s, chances are Matt Dillon would make it his own. Tall, dark and handsome, he was the poster boy for youth in revolt.

Sexiest Moment:
Pushing his “damaged goods” persona to the max in Drugstore Cowboy .

Demi Moore

The Star: Considering her current tabloid troubles, its easy to forget that Demi Moore was once considered one of the hottest actresses in Hollywood. A key member of the Brat Pack, she made a name for herself as a bona fide sex symbol with her steamy performance in About Last Night , and never looked back.

Sexiest Moment: A sex scene with Rob Lowe in the aforementioned sauce-fest that leaves little to the imagination.

Rob Lowe

The Star: With those piercing blue eyes and razor-sharp cheekbones, Rob Lowe was always the best looking of the Brat Pack. Over the years, those good looks would lead him into his fair share of trouble, but he still scrubs up well some thirty years later.

Sexiest Moment: Pouting and smirking his way through St. Elmo’s Fire , the whole world seemingly at his feet.

Carrie Fisher

The Star: The face (and body) of Princess Leia might have shot to stardom a decade previously, but there’s no arguing as to which film saw her at her sexiest…

Sexiest Moment: Ponytail, chains, gold bikini. Case closed.

Harrison Ford

The Star: Having stolen the Star Wars trilogy as loveable rogue Han Solo, Ford would go on to earn a franchise all his own as, er, loveable rogue Indiana Jones. The primo action man of the ’80s.

Sexiest Moment:
Watching an Arab swordsman throw some shapes in Raiders Of The Lost Ark , before nonchalantly blowing him away with his pistol. Badass…