2007 Heaven - Get it right this time!

Game sequels have it tougher than sports games and their annual updates. Every year a Madden will come out and we’ll buy it so long as the rosters are correct. But a sequel’s gotta change with the times, or we cynical gamers will demand heads on pikes. The franchises listed here are in great need of some major tweaks or in some cases, an overhaul of the game design. It’s tough love and we do it ‘cause we care.

Winning Eleven Pro Evolution Soccer

On PS3. Online. Properly. That’s all. We’re not even that bothered if the gameplay alters radically or they sort the licensing out. Just make the players pretty and let us play a World Cup. Against the world.

WWE Smackdown Vs Raw

While there’s no denying its excellence, the wooden animation and dodgy collision can spoil the illusion sometimes. On next-gen we want arms to hit heads, not go through them.


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