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Yakuza: Dead Souls trailer teases 'another day in Tokyo' - but it's full of zombies! Very clever

Ah, I see what they've done here. By saying it's just surviving another day in Tokyo, they're implying this is a trailer full of the everyday minutiae of living in the Japanese capital. But it's actually full of zombies! Chuckle. Luckily, it's also chock full of guns, which is a first for the series, as well as fellow non-undead, which means you can team up with a buddy and go shooting some decaying zombie bonce.

Check out the new trailer here for the Western version of what we used to know by the Japanese name: Yakuza: Of The End:

What do you reckon? We have to admit that we're not totally convinced the game engine looks comfortable with the gunplay, seeing as it was designed for hand-to-hand combat, but we haven't been let down by a Yakuza game yet so we'll happily reserve judgement for when we have the game in front of us.

Zombies and videogames are currently enjoying the most symbiotic relationship since fish and potatoes, so let yet more congealed blood flow in the US on March 13, and March 16 for us Brits. In the mean-time, did you ever learn your 34 ways to kill a zombie (opens in new tab)?

Justin Towell
Justin Towell

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