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Xbox 'X-Pack' revealed

Following on from that the Korean arm of Microsoft's official Xbox website let slip details of a new Halo 2 expansion, US retail site has further detailed what the pack contains.

As the story broke yesterday, websites proceeded to speculate regarding the content of the game, with some even suggesting the pack would contain extra single-player levels and a proper ending for the game.

We, on the other hand, pointed out it was more likely to be a collection of multiplayer maps. And guess what, that is exactly what it is.

The expansion pack contains nine new multiplayer maps, as well as a new cinematic video and a mini documentary on developer Bungie.

So that's that settled then. Looks like Halo fans will have to wait until the Xbox 2 sequel for a proper ending, after all.

The expansion pack will be available to the US on 24 May. UK details to come