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WorldShift - first impressions

Dec, 13 2007

At first glance, WorldShift looks like another generic sci-fi RTS that’ll play just like the rest. But although it features the traditional three factions and an unnecessarily elaborate story that serves for little else than an excuse to make space marines and mutants fight, WorldShift has a truly unique hook that sets it apart from the sea of StarCraft clones you’re used to seeing.

Developer, Black Sea Studios is taking WorldShift into uncharted RTS waters by introducing loot and class-based gameplay usually reserved for MMORPGs. Tanks that hold the enemies’ attention, healers who keep everyone’s health topped off, and DPS players who specialize in dealing out damage are the bread and butter of a well-balanced party in MMOs, and the same will be true in WorldShift’s cooperative PvE missions.

The game’s three factions excel in these three areas of expertise, and you’ll need to capitalize on the strengths of each team member to take down challenging bosses. But none of the factions are limited to those roles alone. So while choosing the Tribe faction of mutants may make you a better at replenishing health, it doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll be stuck playing the role of a heal-bot every time you join a group.