Adventure lies below in these impressive The Witcher 3 aerial screens

The Witcher 3 may, in fact, be too big, but it all looks so manageable from way up here. NeoGAF user EatChildren (oh dear) unlocked the game's camera and went scrolling up, up, and further up to take a series of captivating aerial photos.

This first shot is of the main Skellige island. Look at those impressive frosty mountain peaks, and the way the footpaths trace gingerly through the dark forests. It would be damn near impossible not to have an adventure in there.

This one is of Velen and the city of Novigrad. If you've ever played Dwarf Fortress, it reminds me of watching the map take shape in world generation (with fewer ASCII characters, admittedly).

This last shot is my favorite: a relatively close-in photo of White Orchard, where Geralt's quest in The Witcher 3 begins. This little landscape already encompasses so much intrigue, from the comfy town at its center, to the craggy peaks to the northeast, to the forbidding garrison to the northwest. You can tell CD Projekt Red spent a lot of time looking at the map like this, even if most players will never see it from this perspective.

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