Wii scores Pro Evo

Thursday 5 October 2006
A motion-sensitive version of footie favourite Pro Evolution Soccer is being developed for Wii, according to series producer Shingo Takatsuka.

Takatsuka has also revealed that his team already has the game running on Nintendo's new console, and is playing around with various ways of using Wii's innovative controllers.

Early ideas involve using the Wii-mote and Nunchuck controllers for throw-ins, passes or shooting - imagine whipping the Wii-mote over your head for a Neville-esque rocketing throw, swinging the Nunchuck for a curled cross or even jolting both controllers upwards to leap out of the path of a sliding tackle.

Takatsuka revealed Konami's Wii plans to website Computer and Videogames this week and, although there's been no official word on a Pro Evo for the soon-to-be-launched console, we're already fascinated to find out how Takatsuka can bring the legendary series over to new videogaming territory.