We already have an idea what will happen in The Walking Dead's season 8 mid-season finale

It sounds like the Walking Dead season 8 mid-season finale will be *fire emoji*, according to fan site The Spoiling Dead Fans. The group shared captured footage of something major going down at Alexandria (AKA the home base for our heroes), and that 'something major' involves a lot of fire and explosions:

"This was the night of many BOOMS! Alexandria is getting beat up," The Spoiling Dead Fans writes. "There were multiple loud, fiery explosions. They took place by the solar panels, church, and Brownstones."

The fan group also notes a tense showdown between Negan and... no, not Rick, but Carl. Negan and Carl are both at the gates, with Michonne and Tobin nearby. Carl hops down from said gate and Negan says what The Spoiling Dead thinks is something along the lines of "Your daddy isn't here." Pretty tense stuff, and it makes me wonder just why Rick isn't there - you'd think an attack on his home would warrant some intervention.

In any case, The Walking Dead season 8 premieres October 22. Hopefully it'll be as exciting as this midseason finale looks.

Sam Prell

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