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It looks like GTA 5's Trevor is joining the cast of The Walking Dead

Trevor Philips Industries may be expanding into zombie-infested Georgia. Steven Ogg, who did the voice and motion capture performances for GTA 5 (opens in new tab)'s unstable protagonist Trevor, has reportedly been spotted on the set of The Walking Dead. A fan even tweeted this picture of himself and Ogg apparently at the sixth season's wrap party, after Ogg confirmed he'd been working in the area:

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It's not clear what role Ogg would play in the show, though The Walking Dead Fans (opens in new tab) postulates that he may appear as one of The Saviors, a biker gang that first appeared (opens in new tab) in The Walking Dead 606: "Always Accountable." Playing an unhinged survivalist with a knack for capitalizing on bad situations certainly wouldn't be out of character for Ogg.

Check out our review of The Walking Dead's latest episode, "Start to Finish," (opens in new tab) if you want a quick catch-up on the season so far.

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