Virtua Tennis online service is out

Virtua Tennis 3 for PlayStation 3 may not include an online multiplayer mode, after Sony failed to provide the game's developer with the right specs to make network matches possible, according to producer Mie Kumagi.

This would make Sega's tennis sim the second game that could potentially drop its online gaming features for PS3. Last week it was rumored that Tony Hawk's Project 8 was having the same problem, with Neversoft claiming it did not receive Sony's networking specs in time to implement online gaming for the skateboarding sequel.

When we contacted Sega about Virtua Tennis 3, we were informed that "Virtua Tennis PS3 does not have an online mode confirmed at this time." Whether the delay to the UK launch of PS3 could mean the developer will be able to release an updated version with online play included is unclear - and probably highly unlikely. We'll be keeping our eyes on the news horizon for further developments.

September 25, 2006