Valve: PC behind the game on peripherals

Sept 13, 2007

"Let's have Nintendo-style innovation with input devices for PC," appears to be the call from Valve Software as it highlights this as a key area where the platform lags behind its console cousins.

"The one area where the PC is behind, from a developer's point of view, is in the work Nintendo has done with input. There's just not really a corresponding course for the PC industry to do innovative work there," Valve chief Gabe Newell told the UK's PC Zone magazine.

Such innovation is something that's really missing on the PC side, Newell added, as people just assume it's always mouse and keyboard where input is concerned for the platform.

Mouse and keyboard "is great, obviously, for games like ours; but for the opportunity of doing something new, there's just not a good coalition of software and hardware developers in the PC space to make it happen."

So while Nintendo-style innovation with PC input would add a major string to the platform's bow and open up new avenues for developers to explore, in Valve's view at least such remains a pipe dream.

Courtesy of CVG.