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Watch Nolan North play The Last of Us for the first time

Uncharted star Nolan North is playing through The Last of Us for the first time, as part of his YouTube series with fellow actor Troy Baker, Retro Replay.

The pair have been regularly playing games they've starred in together and for their latest Definitive Playthrough, they've gone for horror masterpiece The Last of Us

Watching the unconquerable Nathan Drake play the first hour of reminded me how intensely traumatic the game's opening sequence is, with North describing it as "terrifying for a father".

However, company in the form of Troy Baker and Hannah Hayes helps ease the tension (somewhat). Baker and Hayes portray The Last of Us protagonist Joel and his daughter, Sarah, respectively.

The beginning of The Last of Us is an absolute tragedy, tasking you with carrying your 12-year-old daughter to safety as the world around you is overtaken by zombies. The end of the opening sequence has Joel cradling his daughter as she chokes out her final breath.

Predictably, it's here when North realizes how grim a world he'd just obliviously wandered into. Although North portrays one of the game's antagonists, David, it's clear he's new to the story. As the title screen takes over, he watches mouth agape as Hayes and Baker share tears in each other's embrace.

Even as Hayes and Baker tearfully share behind-the-scenes memories, North holds an astonished expression for several long moments before snapping back into the conversation.  "It still… every time, I don't know how that manages to get me," says Baker.

The whole thing is more like a commentary track between three involved actors, with Baker consistently providing behind-the-scenes insights into one of the generation's most important games. It's every bit worth a watch, and the best news is it's just part one of North playing through the entire game.

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