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The most brutal kills in the God of War III demo

The God of War III demo is currently as rare as a hair on our favourite slaphead's skull. Right now, it's only available to select punters lucky enough to have been sent a special code by Sony, people who've bought the ace God of War: Collection or those who've pre-ordered the collector's edition at certain stores. Even though we've alreadyplayed it at E3, the 11 minute demo messily reminded us of just how ridiculously violent Kratos' latest adventure is. And below, you'll see the evidence from the demo's most brutal kills. Good luck keeping your dinner down.

Helios loses his head

There's nothing our baldy bad boy of Greek mythology loves more than killing himself a god... or ten. The sun god Helios is the first unfortunate deity to meet Kratos' legendary temper during the demo. Besides his head acting as a handy impromptu lantern (that can blind enemies and illuminate hidden items), it also gives us a chance to see every sinewy, bleeding muscle in his neck, all thanks to Sony Santa Monica's fancy Zipper Technology. Now that's really got to hurt.

Centaur slaughter

The half horse/half human abominations act as generals in battles and will command legions of grunts from the Army of Olympus to attack you. They may be adept at military tactics, but that skill is of little use when a pissed-off psycho's tearing their stomach lining out with a four foot blade.

Killing the Chimera

Equal parts snake, goat and lion, the Chimera acts as a formidable mini-boss half way through the demo. Being the multi-tasking murderer that he is, Kratos goes about killing each part separately. Firstly the snake bites it, as Kratos savagely severs its head. The king of the jungle is the next to take that long journey along the River Styx, as the Ghost of Sparta repeatedly stabs it in the chest. He finally finishes the beast off by impaling the goat through the eye with its own razor sharp horn.

Going eye to eye with the Cyclops... then ripping it out

Granted, Kratos has been giving Greece's one-eyed citizens his own unique brand of laser eye surgery for nearly five years now. Still, you've never seen it like this before. After besting the beast in battle, Kratos is awarded with a finishing QTE that sees him rip the giant's eye from its socket in agonisingly slow, and later gushing, fashion.

God of War III's gory brand of Greek awesomness is out in March 2010.

Dec 1, 2009