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Westworld season 2 starts filming 10 episodes in July and "All hell's going to break loose," says Ed Harris

Haven't watched the season finale of Westworld yet? Don't worry, this article won't spoil anything for you aside from the existence of a second season. Because now we know HBO plans to start filming it next summer.

"I know we’re doing a second season," Man in Black actor Ed Harris told Entertainment Weekly (spoilers in that link). "[Showrunners Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy say] we’re doing 10 episodes. Probably won’t start shooting until June or July. They sound pretty excited about what it’s about. But I have no idea what it will encompass."

Harris added that he thinks "all hell's going to break loose" in the second season of the show, but let's leave it at that for now. And you will have to wait a while after filming wraps to watch the theoretical carnage unfold: HBO has hinted that Westworld season 2 likely won't debut until 2018.

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Image: HBO

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