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Rock Band survey asks what you want from the next game

It looks like Harmonix is fixing to get the band back together after an extended hiatus: a new survey sent out by the music game developer asks fans about their interest in the franchise, how many working instrument peripherals they still own, and what they'd like to see in a new Rock Band title.

The survey, which you're free to fill out yourself, asks which new-gen platforms you own and how you'd like a new Rock Band to be packaged - by itself, with a single instrument, or bundled up with a full set of drums, guitar, and microphone. It also lets you rank a bunch of elements, like "a fixed campaign mode", "new weekly DLC", and "local multiplayer" in order of importance.

I don't understand how anybody could put anything other than "local multiplayer" right at the tippity top, but I digress. Consider this news with the new Rock Band DLC Harmonix published earlier this week, breaking a 21-month dry spell. Are you considering? Is an image of a near-future filled with folks wailing away on plastic guitars and shrieking into cheapo microphones on their favorite new-gen systems taking shape in your mind's eye? No? Consider harder.

It's not a huge surprise - Harmonix has said before that it intends to ship a Rock Band of some kind on this generation of consoles. But, for anyone who's still sitting on a treasure trove of instruments and DLC tracks, it's great to see the wheels beginning to turn.

Connor Sheridan
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