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Richard Curtis To Write For Doctor Who

Okay, the story originated in The Sun , but this time the tabloid actually has some quotations from the man himself, and not some amorphous "insider" so it looks like it could be true: Love Actually and Four Weddings scripter Richard Curtis is writing a Doctor Who script.

Although we'll take with a sackload of salt The Sun‘s dodgy leap of logic that this means Blackadder will be making an appearance, Curtis does reveal: “There will be a monster, and a famous historical figure will battle the monster."

He goes on to say, “I am very interested in time travel for some reason or other. I am writing a film about it but on a low budget with no spectacular special effects. Maybe it's a desire to get out of being old. Sometimes you do just love the idea that you could go back in time and change things." Interesting… another Curtis project which SFX will have to follow.

So, what might we expect from a Curtis-penned Doctor Who episode? SFX has a few suggestions (you may groan):

Four Wedding And A Fendahl
Martha Jones’s Diary
The Vervoid Of Dibley
The Boat That Dead-Locked
Love Alpha Centauri
Notting Krillitane
Blackaggedor Goes Forth