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Operation: Tango gameplay footage kicks off Oxfam charity drive

It’s rare that saving the world in fiction has a tangible impact on reality. But if you download and record a co-op play session of Operation: Tango, you can make a donation to Oxfam for free.

The spy game, which had its first gameplay shown today on the Future Games Show, has a new demo on Steam. Play through its introductory chapter with a friend, send your footage to Clever Plays, and the developer will donate $5 to help Oxfam’s global fight against poverty - up to a possible total of $3,000. The studio will share its favourite videos via its social media channels.

“We wanted to encourage people to download the demo and play the game with a friend to try the experience, then we realized we could raise money for a good cause at the same time,” said studio head Angela Mejia. “Operation: Tango is all about working together to save the world and this charity drive takes that tagline to heart.”

Operation: Tango is a co-op spy game in which each player takes on a dramatically different role. One is an agent, infiltrating exotic locations on foot. The other is a hacker, supporting the player on the ground by overriding turrets or elevators and unlocking doors. The key to success is verbal communication. Hence the tagline: it takes two to save the world.

Clever Plays has won two Gamescom awards this week, for Best Multiplayer and Most Original Game, both announced during Geoff Keighley’s Opening Night Live.