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Killzone 3 confirmed; biased coverage to begin immediately

Inan interview with GameTrailersrecorded during GDC, Sony Computer Entertainment of America President and CEO Jack Tretton confirmed the existence of – or at least plans for – a third Killzone.

“I don’t know whether you’ll see announcements about it,” said Tretton to host Geoff Keighley, “but I can promise you a Killzone 3.”

The quasi-announcement couldn’t have been timed better, as it coincides neatly with GamesRadar’s annualWeek of Hate. Like all other professional media outlets, GamesRadar is widely known among Killzone fans for completely hating the franchise, for no reason other than that it’s on the PS3 and isn’t Halo.

Our clear and unfair bias is evidenced not only by GamesRadar’sless-than-glowingpreview coverageof Killzone 2, but also by the fact that we gave it our lowest possiblereview score: a shameful 9 out of 10. Further establishing our baselesshatred of developer Guerrilla's shooter was an earlier article, titled “The world’s most generic game character,”which included the Helghast mask and signaled our failure to understand just how iconic and original its design is.

Oh wait, no, that’s one of those guys fromJin-Roh. Here, let’s try again:

No, wait, that’s not right either…

Shit. Hang on, we’ll get this eventually…



Above: Ugh, FINALLY

In all seriousness, nothing else was mentioned or announced about the game, other than that it's on its way – something already-kind-of-confirmed by Killzone 2's cliffhanger ending.We – along with every other so-called "journalist" with an inexplicable grudge against the game and its fans –expect to see a lot more by the time E3 rolls around in June.

Mar 22, 2010

Mikel Reparaz
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