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Get three free games with a Radeon RX 590 graphics card in Newegg's pre-Christmas blowout

At first blush, $279.99 for an Radeon RX 590 doesn't look like a great deal, but when you consider that the the package on sale at Newegg right now also comes with $180 of free games, it suddenly becomes much more appealing. The three games you get free with this bundle are all coming early next year, and they're all pretty major triple-A titles. There's the Resident Evil 2 remake coming in January, and then two games in March: Ubisoft's big open world shooter sequel, The Division 2, and the long-awaited DMC follow-up, Devil May Cry 5, featuring the return of everyone's favorite half-demon, Dante. I personally don't give a damn about Resident Evil 2, but if some (or all) of these games don't appeal to you, they'd be very easy to resell. Even if you got, say, $150 for all three games, you'd effectively be getting an RX 590 for $130, and that's a fantastic deal.

Get the Radeon RX 590 graphics card and three games for $280 ($180 off) at Newegg

Get the Radeon RX 590 graphics card and three games for $280 ($180 off) at Newegg
A great GPU for 1080p gaming, and three very promising upcoming games to play with it.

You're also getting one of the best 590s available (make sure it's the Sapphire before you click through to purchase). The overclocked Sapphire Nitro+ is both smaller and runs much cooler than the equivalent card from other manufacturers, and it's a fantastic card for the 1080p era of gaming. Given that Nvidia GPUs are still frequently seeing prices in excess of MSRP, it's a great time to grab an AMD card if you're looking for a bridge to the next generation of games.

If you do grab a new card, make sure you check out our massive roundup of the best PC games to play with it right now.

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