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Doctor Who Christmas Special 1965-style

This clip was created by Garrett Gilchrist and sent to SFX as a Christmas e-card but we loved it so much we've decided to run it in replace our scheduled Countdown Day 23 article (sorry everyone who was waiting with baited breath for "Tennant's Top 25 Running Down Corridor Moments"). It's an animated recreation of the final moments of the bizarre 1965 episode "The Feast Of Steven", which was the seventh episode of "The Dalek Master Plan". It was a bit bonkers (featuring a Keystone Kops-style comedy chase scene) and finished with the Doctor turning to the camera and wishing everyone a Merry Christmas. Sadly, it's one of the "Lost Episodes" so this is probably the nearest those of us born after 1965 are ever going to get to seeing it (unless Robert Mugabe really is hoarding it!)