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You can now complete this week's Destiny Nightfall strike


Bungie has tweeted that this week's Nightfall strike in Destiny can now be completed. Players reported a hazardous entry into the mission earlier today, if they weren't barred outright, but the developer says all should be online now. Please remember to tip your server.

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If you've been having problems with this week's Nightfall, you're not going mad and woken up in a world where you suck at Destiny. It's just not working. Users are reporting no enemies in the first section and then a door midway through that won't open to let you continue. According to Twitter, Bungie is aware of the problem and working on a fix.

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So while you wait for that to get fixed, why not catch up on the other Destiny news this week that includes a tease that Mercury could be coming soon and the rumour that the first event of 2016 might be called The Dawning.

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