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Destiny: The Taken King adds a Quests page and ups the bounty cap

Destiny's bounty chains hold some of the coolest moments in the game, but you wouldn't know it at a glance; there's your grand, multi-part adventure for Thorn, sat between a request to do 5 patrol missions on the Moon and another to melee kill 30 enemies without dying. But when The Taken King rolls out in September, your quests will be treated like capital-Q Quests.

Luke Smith, creative director of The Taken King, laid out some of the broad ideas for Destiny's new quest system in the weekly update. First off, they'll still exist alongside regular bounties. But since they're going to be a lot more important, your total limit will be increased - a screenshot showed 16 slots, though that may change between now and the final version.

You'll also be able to track your progress through a dedicated quests page. The page will display your current and completed lines, and you can click on one to see descriptions, instructions, and story-rich flavor text for individual steps. The reputation meter will move over from the inventory to the quests page, too.

Last but not least, you'll finally be able to track your bounty progress in-game, complete with progress bars right on your heads-up display. In other words, Destiny's finally getting a quest tracker - no more paging over to the inventory every time you want to check on Knuckleduster.

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Connor Sheridan
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