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Its man vs. beast in the latest Jurassic World posters

A trio of new one-sheet posters for Jurassic World has arrived, promising even more prehistoric carnage. First up is one showcasing the genetically-engineered D-Rex; the newest attraction for park visitors who has been spotted in earlier trailers and TV spots parading around the park off-leash. And now seeing its HUGE jaw a hair's breadth away from Bryce Dallas Howard’s dainty scientist really hammers home just how big it truly is.

Taking the action underwater, the gargantuan Mosasaurus glides through the murky deep in pursuit of a great white shark. As witnessed in earlier trailers, the toothy predator is a mere snack for the Mosasaurus. Really puts Jaws into perspective, eh?

Lastly, Chris Pratt’s dino whisperer Owen is front and centre in the final poster. Guiding his troop of raptor buddies through the jungles of Isla Nublar, could they be out hunting the terrifying D-Rex? More importantly, what would Robert Muldoon make of all this?

Tune in tomorrow to catch the brand new trailer for this summer’s dino reboot, where we might finally see those raptors up against the latest hybrid beastie...

Directed by Colin Trevorrow, Jurassic World opens in the UK on June 11 and the US on June 12.

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