Command zombies in Possession

Here's one Blitz Games product you won't find packaged in with your Burger King meal: Possession, which casts you as The Enslaver, a flakey-faced zombie with the power to command his army of equally undead buddies. And guess what? He's pissed off.

And here's what he's going to do about it: take down the Prometheus Corporation - the mysterious company which manufactured the chemicals that turned him and his friends into intelligent zombies. In practice this means directing your cohorts around in a manner similar to that of a RTS game - getting them to attack and infect nearby humans, building up your shuffling army.

You can control any other zombie you want to remotely too. Why would you want to do that? Because you can upgrade them into mean, green rotting machines, that's why: a lower-level shuffler is slow and expendable, and best used for pack-attacks, but a fifth-level monster can scale walls, vault over gaps and rip enemies into tiny irretrievable pieces using their razor-sharp claws. Sounds good.

The only problem is Blitz Games are having a heck of a time finding a publisher willing to take it on. As such, work has come to a standstill with the England-based developers unwilling to incur more costs. Which means, it might never, ever release.

It'd be a shame if this ended up being cancelled - it's genuinely imaginative, shows great promise and we need another zombie fix after Dead Rising.