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Matt Smith’s departure sets Twitter ablaze, Dan Harmon returns to Community and the badass Buffy / Walking Dead team up you’ve all been waiting for in the latest Tweets Of The Week

Unless you’ve been trapped in a time bubble, it’s been impossible to escape the news that Matt Smith is set to leave Doctor Who after this year’s Christmas special. Sad times, with the announcement leading to dedications from writers and actors associated with the show…

@Markgatiss Desperately sorry to see Matt Smith go. A truly wonderful Doctor Who, a gifted actor %26 a lovely man. It's the end. But ( altogether now!)...

@russelltovey Sad to hear of Matt Smith's doctor departure, he truly is a superb actor and made the Doc proper.. Who's next tho eh? Who's next.. Hmmm x

@jamesmoran Matt's been a wonderful, wonderful Doctor. This generation's Troughton, for me. I'll miss his Doctor so much.

Wil Wheaton

@wilw Matt Smith is not your bitch. If he's finished being The Doctor, the only thing we say is, "thank you."

@EricIdle Shouldn't it be Dr. Whom?

@BrianLynch Matt Smith quits Doctor Who. That show is SUNK, can't see anyone else in the role.

@warrenellis You won't be as excited about Doctor Who when Operation Yewtree nails him for trapping young girls in a box all through the 1970s.

UPDATE: still haven't been confirmed as the new Doctor Who. Fashioning new "bowel disruptor" variant sonic screwdriver regardless.

@SarahPinborough If people think a female Dr Who is the answer to inequality then they need to grow the fuck up. It's telly. He's a bloke.

@MsJaimeMurray But who would you cast as my assistant?! RT @JMurrayMassive Who is with me on this one.... Jaime for the next Doctor Who!! #JaimeforDoctor

@whedonesque Our choice

@edgarwright Alright. Fuck it. I'll be the new Doctor.

@WilliamShatner I'm tickled that you'd like to see me as the new DW but TPTB already dismissed me once %26 I don't know how I feel upstaged by a blue box ;-)

@JamesGunn The obvious pick for Dr. Who would, of course, be @Michael_Rooker . The world needs a Who who can tear out people's thoraxes with his teeth.

@THEBRYANHITCH Peter Dinklage as the new Doctor. Could be a real game changer.

@StephenMangan Who are you?

@RyanCartwright Ryan Cartwright as the new Doctor Who!

@Paul_Dini I'll miss Matt Smith, but I hereby announce my availability to play the new Doctor. I know I'm not British, but, Dr. Who-Dini. Come on!

@Baddiel I could pitch for Dentist Who RT @TracyAnnO : You were meant for this moment the 1st Jewish Dr. Well not the 1st Jewish doctor but you know.

@danharmon Curse you, Matt Smith. I haven't been this unfairly upstaged in the news since my Fall 2001 Atkins Announcement.

@alisonbrie @danharmon coming back...thank GOD. And yayayayaya!!! Time to celebrate. Welcome back, captain!

The SFX Twitter Stream

@SirPatStew My first ever pizza "slice". Please note: the authentic NY fold.

@straczynski So after some of my material was added back in for reshoots on World War Z, I now have a credit on it. Most cool.

@rainnwilson R.I.P. Jack Vance. 1 of my favorite sci-fi/fantasy writers of all time. Read: "Eyes of the Overworld". So long, Jack. #CugeltheClever

@NathanFillion Thank you, @WilliamShatner , for the talk. I needed those words of wisdom. Also, very nerd cool just two Captains chatting.

@MuseZack Don't mind me, I'm just a writer from the first Thor, but if Marvel doesn't get @bearmccreary to score the sequel they're missing out.

@JohnTheCho Is Will Smith British in After Earth?

@PaddyConsidine Ask me some Dr. Who questions. I know about this stuff.


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