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Turok is PC-bound

Nov 2, 2007

Disney Interactive sends word that its re-imagining of previously-rubbish dinosaur shooter Turok is no longer limited to PS3 and 360 - owners of stupidly expensive PCs can play it as well.

Porting duties are being handled by Aspyr Studios and the PC version will arrive in "Spring 2008," shortly after the February console release.

The new Turok, in case you missedprevious PR explosions, once again puts you in the mould of Joseph Turok, only this time you're a hard-as-nails elite special forces commando, trawling through a mysterious planet fighting space pirates and mauling the odd dinosaur here and there. It looks very pretty.

16-player multiplayer is promised for all versions, and we should have some idea how it's turning out in the next few weeks running up to release.

Courtesy of CVG.