Tokyo Game Show round-up

Sunday 24 September 2006
In case you didn't know, Tokyo Game Show happened over the weekend, although we think 'PlayStation 3 Show' would be a more appropriate name for this year's event - so dominated as it was by Sony's new console and people eager to see it in action.

Of course, GamesRadar was in the thick of it at the Makuhari Messe convention centre, playing the best games and beaming back the hottest new shots and movies direct from Japan. So, for the benefit of anyone who missed any of our coverage over the weekend, here's a round-up of all the Tokyo Game Show action for your pleasure.

Movies and shots

[360] Lost Planet treasures thaw out (new shots and movie)

[PS3] Metal Gear Solid 4 mind-busting TGS trailer

[PS3] White Knight rides on PS3 (movie)

[PS3] Ninja Gaiden Sigma unsheaths screens and trailer

[PS3] Ridge Racer 7 shots slide in from TGS

[PSP] Metal Gear Portable Ops trailer

[PS3] Afrika trailer

[PS3] Warhawk multiplayer impressions and new trailer

[PS3] Coded Arms Assault trailer

Hands-on and first impressions

[PS3] Devil May Cry 4

[PS3] Resistance: Fall of Man single-player

[PS3] Ridge Racer 7

[360] Infinite Undiscovery

[PS3] MotorStorm

[PS3] Lair

[Wii] Super Swing Golf

[PS3] Virtua Fighter 5

[PS3] Genjii 2

[PSP] Final Fantasy VII gameplay spotted!

[PS3] Unknown Realms

[PS3] Virtua Tennis 3

[PS3] Warhawk

[DS] It's a Wonderful World

Hot news

[PS3] Sony conference report

[360] Microsoft conference report

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