This Walking Dead S7.01 deleted scene gives you more of the happy ending your heart needs

For a brief moment in The Walking Dead season 7's grisly premiere, we got to indulge with Rick in a flight of fancy; another world where his band of survivors never met the end of Negan's bat. The family dinner scene was short but effective in showing Rick's battered (sorry) mental state, a merciful yet painfully short break from reality. Now a deleted scene from the season 7 Blu-ray reveals it could have been much longer. Spoilers follow.

The gang's all here and extra alive, exchanging affectionate looks and wearing their Sunday best. Yes, Daryl's 'Sunday best' also happens to be the leather biker vest he was already wearing. What did you expect? Zombie apocalypses or no, Daryl has a consistent approach to fashion.

For pacing purposes, I think the crew made the right call cutting the scene down to just the dinner part. It establishes the emotional dissonance and sense of loss just as well in a fraction of the time. But for everybody who just wants to see Glenn playing with his baby goddammit the extended version is soothing balm for the soul. Use this scene as a fan fiction jumping off point and Glenn (and Abe and Sasha) can live forever in your headcanon. Believe in the me that believes in the you that believes you can believe it!

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Connor Sheridan

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