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Things We Love About Doctor Who #3

Our new Doctor Who special, on sale now, includes a list of 100 things we love about the series. This week and next we're revealing ten of them online

Funny to relate now, but when we first heard K-9 and Sarah Jane were returning, our initial reaction was, “Is that wise "? So wrong. Afterwards, the storylines for season finales increasingly came to resemble something an eight-year-old might have scribbled in the back of their exercise book - in a good way, mind. Daleks vs Cybermen? The Doctor teaming up with Donna, Rose, Martha, Captain Jack, Sarah Jane, Mickey the idiot and Harriet Jones? The return of Rassilon? It shouldn't have worked, but it did, with a mass audience lapping up every shameless second.

Find out what the other 99 Things We Love About Who are in Doctor Who: A Celebration , on sale now.