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The Witcher 3 in first person is amazing

Ever wished you could explore The Witcher 3's sprawling world in first-person? Don't just say "I've already played Skyrim." Thanks to modder SkacikPL, you can see Geralt's unique world from his cat-like eyes. Well, technically his eyes and the rest of his head vanish to ensure the view is unobstructed, but I mean metaphorically from his eyes.

Here's an exploration of a quiet forest ruin.

And here's Geralt tromping through Toussaint, the land of Blood & Wine. Check out how cool the lighting in that wine cellar looks from a first-person perspective.

It would be surprisingly doable to play the entire game like this, since the mod sensibly makes the camera zoom back out for activities like dialogue and combat. CD Projekt Red's officially finished with The Witcher 3, but it looks like the modders are just getting started.

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Connor Sheridan
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