The ugly truth about state of UK gaming

Tuesday 27 February 2007
This week'sUK entertainment software chart (all formats, all prices) makes us sad. It makes us sad because no matter how hard we look at it we can't see Okami anywhere. One of the most utterly original and delightfully entertaining games to ever bound its way to PS2 has vanished just two weeks after its debut at number 12, before sliding to 30 and, now, it's plummeted with a forlorn howl into the abyss...

Little Britain: The Videogame, on the other hand, is still doing good business. It's enjoying its fourth week in the charts (it's currently at number 18) despite the fact that it's complete toss. Released a week earlier than Capcom's masterpiece, Little Britain defied - and defiled - belief by reaching the number two spot. Number two. That's very, very nearly number one.

We know it's ten quid cheaper and it's on PS2 and PC and yeah but no but yeah but no Vicky Pollard is like well hard, but Little Britain outselling Okami is a tragedy beyond words.... It's the ugly truth about the state of UK gaming.

Above: We suppose a game about a white wolf armed with a celestial brush just doesn't appeal to many UK gamers. Regardless of the fact that it's one of PS2's best games EVER!