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The most frivolously awesome Guitar Hero III controller ever

Just in case you weren't enticed byArtGuitars' Limited Edition KISS wireless Guitar Hero III controller, the company has now revealed designs based upon two additional musical megaliths: head-banging shred-masters Pantera and the ultimate Southern rock band, Lynyrd Skynyrd.

Granted, the new axes will run you around $399 apiece, but that's because the photo-quality images are chemically bonded to the wood - these aren't just vinyl stickers - and because we actually meant it when we said "wood" just now. These babies are made from actual guitars, so they have all the weight, feel, and dimension you'd expect.

Above: These are all the Skynyrd guitars. We've got the Pantera axes on the next page

We've actually played Guitar Hero III using prototypes of the ArtGuitars controllers, and it did feel good.but we will admit that theperformance and compatibility of final units is still uncertain - our prototypes didn't have final electronics installed, and while they worked fine with the 360 version of the game, we're thinking the other versions might have trouble.

Why? Well, the official Wiicontroller has that space for the remote to fit into - don't see that replicated here (thankfully), the official PS3 controller isn't bluetooth, so the electronics might need to be swapped, and the PC version's official controller isn't wireless at all. Hopefully, ArtGuitars will be able to come up with aftermarket dongles to address at least some of these things.

'Cause seriously - how cool is it to play with a real guitar?