The Golden Compass Cheats

The Golden Compass Hints

  • PS2 | Submitted by lucky20122, cheat master 1000

    Pan's Transformations

    Pan's different changes you can unlock are:

    Wild cat

The Golden Compass Cheats

  • PS2 | Submitted by lucky20122

    Cats and Rabbits

    When Lyra is up on the rooftop she is challenged to a game of cats and rabbits. Do not follow the boy, cut across the roof by jumping and wait to tag him at the opening slant where he come up. Hint:If you try to tag him while he is running in front of you it is hard.

The Golden Compass Unlockables

  • Xbox 360 | Submitted by A Dinosaur!


    Child Of Destiny (250) - Complete the game.
    Alchemist (40) - Find at least 3 Elixers of the Witch.
    Pantalaimon (100) - Reach the North Camp
    Symbol Apprentice (20) - Collect at least 50 Alethiometer Symbol Meanings
    Symbol Adept (50) - Collect at least 80 Alethiometer Symbol Meanings
    Symbol Master (150) - Collect all 108 Alethiometer Symbol Meanings.
    Shaman Suppressor (10) - Defeat the Shaman Boss
    Tank Destroyer (30) - Defeat the Tranq Tank Boss
    Witch Dominator (30) - Defeat Queen Vala
    Samoyed Ruler (30) - Defeat the Samoyed Hunter Boss
    Fire King (30) - Defeat the Flame Thrower Boss
    King Of Svalbard (30) - Defeat King Ragnar
    Zeppelin Champion (30) - Defeat the Zeppelin
    Inquisitive (50) - Answer at least 30 Alethiometer Questions
    Lyra Belacqua (100) - Answer all 48 Alethiometer Questions
    Lyra Silvertongue (50) - Complete at least 25 Deception Games with "Success" rating.