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The Glowing Stars' first chiptune-infused song, and details from GR's own Lizzie Cuevas!

We don't usually promote our editors' side projects, but only because examples of those projects include writing about a very specific category of cartoon specials, recording videos of pets, and watching every Planet of the Apes film inrapid succession. GR Associate Editor Lizzie Cuevas, however, is actually involved in a project that's worth sharing with you guys - a shiny new 8-bit indie rock band called The Glowing Stars. Listen to the duo's first demo, I Know Now, below!

The Glowing Stars is the combined efforts of Lizzie Cuevas and Matt Payne, who began the project last year in the wake of their previous band, Sputterdoll, which dissolved in 2007. Earlier today, I walked five feet to Lizzie's desk to ask her how the band came to be, and where it's going from here. Actually, that's a lie, I AIM'd her, because I'm lazy.

"We've always had plans to have a band that does videogame music. Eventually it just sort of evolved into a chiptunes band, in which we use Game Boys to produce 8-bit sounds, and play along with vocals, electric guitar, and live drums," said Lizzie.

"Matt mods all of the Game Boys himself – we have about 30 Game Boys now that we’ve been collecting over the last few months. We both write music. Sometimes Matt will write a track on LSDJ, a program we use on the Game Boy to create these sounds, and he’ll e-mail it to me, and then I’ll write a guitar part, or lyrics, and send it back to him, and eventually it becomes a song."

Photo credit: Angelo Ibañez

The duo didn't begin writing songs until late last year, but now has a three song demo recorded (including the song above), and plans to release a five-to-six song EP (mixed by Riki Feldmann) next month, as well as begin playing live shows. They'll also be at PAX East next month with "some goodies" to give away, so get yourself to Boston! Brett Elston, Chris Antista, and myself will also be at the show, representing GR and frantically writing words about games (in between beers).

You can keep up with The Glowing Stars on Facebook and Twitter, and you'll surely find new releases soon on Bandcamp. You can also hear Lizzie accompany the sounds of Doctor Popular with her voice tonight at the EFF's 21st Birthday, which starts at 8 p.m. PST and will be streaming live at

Feb 16, 2011

Associate Editor, Digital at PC Gamer