The Entropy Centre lets you rewind time to solve puzzles and escape a disintegrating space station

The Entropy Centre brought its first time bending gameplay reveal to the Future Games Show, revealing a first person puzzler that sees you manipulating time to escape a collapsing space station. To stay alive, and have a hope of freedom, you're going to have to think backwards and look to the past if you want any hope of a future.  

At the heart of this puzzling sci-fi game are two characters: Aria, who wakes up on a near-Earth orbit space station, and Astra, the AI mind aboard the Handheld Entropy Device - a strange gun that has the ability to move objects back through their past. With no memory of who she is or how she got on board the station, Aria must team up with Astra to fight through the station as it slowly falls apart to find a way off. Although, with Earth apparently having suffered an extinction-level event, escape may only be the first step of a larger problem to solve…

The Entropy Centre

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This is an ingenious first-person puzzle game, with time manipulation at its heart. The basics are simple - if you find your way blocked by a collapsed stairway you can use the Handheld Entropy Device to simply rewind the stairs back through their timeline to a point where they were still standing. Rubble and crates can be easily cleared simply by moving them to a point in their history where they weren't in the way; collapsed bridges can be un-collapsed and so on.

But while simple examples are easy to understand, this is a puzzle game at heart and one that will see increasingly more elaborate and tricky timeline tests to unravel as Aria and Astra work together to escape room after room of challenges. Their ultimate goal is to reach the heart of the facility to understand what's behind the station's collapse, Earth's destruction, and how Aria fits into any of it.

Coming to PC, PS5, Xbox Series X|S, PS4, and Xbox One, you can wishlist The Entropy Centre on Steam now ahead of its release later this year. You can also keep up with the game on Twitter.

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