Stronghold 3 launch trailer cares little for the peasants

We know it's hard to focus on other games in this post-GTA V announcement world, but if you can spare some brain matter for 7sixty and Firefly Studio's launch trailer for Stronghold V, we guarantee it will be worth your while. Wait, we meant 3... Stronghold 3. Curse you Rockstar!!

Stronghold 3 is the latest in a respected line of RTS games. It is set ten years after the 2001 original and picks up the tale of The Boy and his long fought battle against The Wolf. The game features two campaign modes: one wherein players will follow The Wolf 's return through a number of strategic skirmish, and another wherein players will be taked with building, maintaining, and defending their own kingdom.

“We’re pleased fans can finally take to the battlefield to try and stop The Wolf from dominating the kingdom,” said Simon Bradbury, a lead designer at Firefly Studios in today's. “Stronghold 3 is a leap forward for the series and we’ve worked very hard to refine the core Stronghold mechanics as well as adding lots of exciting new features.”

Stronghold 3 is available now for PC.

Oct 25, 2011

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