Street Fighter Monopoly coming soon - and you can help choose which characters are in it

The whole reason videogames were invented was so that kids had something to do other than play Monopoly. But that doesn't mean videogames can't make Monopoly awesome. Capcom has licensed an official Street Fighter version of the classic property acquisition board game - but it's not finished yet. Know what that means? You can have your say in which characters should be in it!

Above: This may just be a work-in-progress prototype box, but it's actually happening

Don't worry about matching character traits to the existing Monopoly pieces (even though the ship should plainly be Guile and the old boot should be Dan). All you need to do is head over to the Capcom-Unity blog and vote for your favourite character to whittle down the list from 12 to 6. Simples.

We're looking forward to seeing how the likes of Community Chest and Chance cards will be re-written to work with the Street Fighter lore. How about: "Street fights break out around all your houses" for street repairs, or "You win first prize in a beauty contest! Unless you're Bison." And of course there's the legendary "get out of a combo free" card.

And of course, we expect to see this:

Above: Well, the parking's free but the repair bill may not be

Justin Towell

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