Splinter Cell 3 Cheats

Splinter Cell 3 Hints

  • Xbox | Submitted by Stealth Killer

    Launcher Attachments Ranges

    Anywhere,Solo or Co-op

    Sticky Shocker- Long or short distance targets
    Stickey Camera- Long or short distance targets
    Gas Grenade- Same as shocker and camera
    Airfoil- Short Distance targets only, when shot at long distance targets only taps him. Does no damage at long range.

  • Xbox | Submitted by Bunda

    No Entry

    If you know someone is going to open a door go up to it and look through with a camera. Stay there until he goes away. Voila. The door will not open for them.

  • Xbox | Submitted by Chris

    Knife To The Back To Fireman's Carry

    Hold the [Right Trigger] to engage a knife attack on an enemy from the back; your spy needs to be standing to bring the corpse into a fireman's carry.

  • Xbox | Submitted by James Arab

    Permenantly blow out candles

    If you want to keeep guards from relighting candles then simply shoot the candle and it's gone.

  • Xbox | Submitted by Chris

    Stun Punch To Fireman's Carry

    While your spy (mainly Fisher) is standing and adjacent behind an enemy, hold the [Left Trigger] to deliver a non-lethal punch that transitions to the fireman's carry. Note, that this move will still cause mission failure if the person is to be kept awake or alive for an objective.

  • Xbox | Submitted by Chris

    Stopping The Missile Launch

    In the final section of the DPRK missile base, Fisher has 3 minutes to stop the missile. From where the missile launches, head right and down into the door to the command center. The abort codes are on the PC to the right of that door. The codes must then be entered in one of the missile command center's PCs, which are the two rooms near the large elevator (lift) leading to the base commander's office on the level above. Assuming you took out all the enemies in that area, the three minutes are more than enough time to abort the missile.

  • Xbox | Submitted by Chris

    Choke Hold To Fireman's Carry

    Hold the [Left Trigger] while grabbing an enemy to choke hold him, then immediately put his body on your spy's shoulder for a fireman's carry.

  • Xbox | Submitted by Chris

    Whacking North Korean UAVs

    North Korean UAVs are tough to take down, but they can be avoided. However, if you went with a kit with a sniper attachment, you can take them out with one well placed shot (anywhere on the body).

  • Xbox | Submitted by Chris

    Unlock Elite Mode

    Beat story mode and Elite mode is unlocked. In Elite mode you have no ammo for your weapon and only your knife to kill.

  • Xbox | Submitted by chaotic

    Evil Face

    When you start off at the first level ( The Lighthouse: Dungeons ) you have to go up the rocks. Once you get up there will be a lamp or some sort of light. Jump into it and you will quickly see Sam's face. It looks EVIL!!

  • Xbox | Submitted by Invisidude

    Taunt Spies In Multiplayer

    In Multiplayer, when you are a mercenary, hit a spy with the new A attack (hit A while standing still) and look at the spy's head and hit A again. This will make the merc kneel down and choke the spy with his gun. There, you can talk to him (if you are on Xbox Live) or hit A again to bash his skull in with the butt of your gun (not as violent as it seems).


  • Xbox | Submitted by Chris

    Stick Camera Reuse

    Sticky cameras may be reused in almost any mode as long as they are not destroyed by gunfire or did not use their gas attack.

  • Xbox | Submitted by Chris

    Tank Movement

    The tanks you face in Solo Mode are rather tough but they move in preset patterns. Down the gunner sitting in the turret, then watch the tank's gun. When it aims away, that's your cue to move by or above it. The only way to destroy a tank is to throw a frag grenade into the gunner's hatch. Quicksave to make sure you don't squander your grenades.

  • Xbox | Submitted by Chris

    Cameras In The Dark

    Cameras that do not use thermo graphic vision can be be fooled by shooting out all the ambient and direct light sources to darken the area. As long as the light meter is completely dark, these normal cameras cannot see your spy.

  • Xbox | Submitted by Chris

    Catching Shetland

    Have your sniper zoomed-in on the guard. When there is a fight, shoot, run, and catch Shetland. Then, end the mission.

  • Xbox | Submitted by Beavis

    Breaking the Bank

    When you first start at the bank, to your right is a valve that activates the sprinklers. turn it, and when the guards investigate, just shoot the puddle with a sticky shocker to knock them out!

    on the left side of the entrance is a power box for all the lights in the yard. darkness is your friend.

    when you reach the yard with a circle staircase and a whistling guard, climb up the pipe and go through the air ducts. when you reach the fan, use your pistol on the computer (not the screen the hard drive) to make the fan stop. the guards will get mad and leave the room for a minute. be sure to deactivate the camera systems!

    when you come to the patroling laser guard, try to follow him instead of capturing him. and just stay on the wall to avoid the second guard.

    these tips should help you if your having trouble.

Splinter Cell 3 Glitches

  • Xbox | Submitted by drlgamer

    Glitches for Xbox live

    Xbox live

    The "Handcuff" Glitch=Mercenary
    This one is annoying if you are on the recieving end of the glitch. NEED Camera network, bring the Frag grenade or Flare for later.(I recommend the flare soyoudon't blow up) Stand facing a health box (make sure you are not close enough to see HEAL) and charge the flare. Hold L trigger the whole time and don't let go. press and hold the inventory open and slowly walk towards the health box. When it says HEAL select the Camera Network. If done correctly you should have the Camera Network selected with the charge bar still there. Knock down a spy and sit on his neck. Count to 3 then let go of the left trigger. Press B then walk backwards and beserk. The spy should still be in the choking position. NOTE: If you let go too early it won't work, If you pass out or get shocked you will have to do it over.

    The "Retard Mode" for the Mercenary
    Do the same thing as the spy but use a flare and Camera network. When you have a "charged" Camera network Go over to a button and press it. When your hand touches the button let go of the left trigger. NOTE: You won't see it but everyone else will. (useful for sniping because they can't see were you are aiming)

    The "Cockroach" Glitch=Spy
    You need 1 spy and 1 Mercenary. Run and elbow hit the mercenary at the same time he tazers u. If done correctly you should have half life and you should still be awake. Go to a health box and heal yourself. Stand facing a wall and press B the A. you should be crouching when this is done. Then just move around. It is funny because you are coruching but moving faster than you were standing up! NOTE: if you are tazered by a spy/Mercenary you'll be out of it. If you fall or start moving slow again stand up then face the wall and press B then A again.

    The "zombie" Glitch=Spy
    This needs to be done in the bottom tunnel of Warehouse in sector 1. Have the spy stand facing the wall so that when the spy climbs up he will be out of the tunnel. Have a mercenary place a proxy mine on the edge of the missile holder then back up. Timing is everything, have the spy climb up and press X at the same time. If done correctly you should look like you are holding an invisible gun. When you move around you stay in the same position but you can still move. NOTE: You can't turn your Camera angle but you can change your visions. You can't be killed unless you fall of of something.

    The "Rail cancel" Glitches=Mercenary
    Version 1: When you hear the noise that you are grabbed and you are next to a railing press START,B,B, and you can shoot the spy as he climbs up.
    Version 2: When you hear the noise that you are grabbed and you are next to a railing press START,B quickly then Press B anytime to get out of it. NOTE: If you time it right you can land on the spy's head and or you can land on the ground unharmed.

  • Xbox | Submitted by Greg V

    Weight Room Glitch

    On the the level Displace, find your way into the weight/exercise room. There will be one guy sitting at a computer and another guy who comes out of the bathroom and starts running on the treadmill. Once the guy starts running, knockout the dude sitting at the computer, then walk around to the second guy. Use the OCP on your pistol to turn off the treadmill. Once the OCP is used the tread mill won't go back on, but the guy will still be running, which is a glitch but not the main one. Shoot the guy in the leg while he is running in place and he will turn around to see who shot him, but once he turns around he falls face first and knocks himself out. This is a pretty funny thing to do, and you can try different things instead of shooting him in the leg.

  • Xbox | Submitted by Shadow5138

    Spastic Glitch

    Anywhere in Vesus mode, on a FLAT wall.

    Ok, well, to start out, bring at least 1 type of grenade, and sticky cams. To start, shoot a sticky cam at a wall. bring out your gun, and charge up a grenade (Hold L). Now, keeping L help, push in the Left thumb stick to bring out your weapons menu. Walk up to the sticky cam with Both L held, and the L-Thumb stick in. Now, when you see the "Remove" button, press whatever button your sticky camera is on, then let go of the Left Thumb stick and walk back, keeping the L trigger down. Now, simply walk up with the L trigger down, and press "Remove" and a soon as you press A, about 1 Millisecond after you press A, let go of the L trigger. You should now be in a sticky cameras view. press B to escape the stick camera and run around like a spaz. Note: This is an advantage, because when you hang off a ledge, your hands stay down, and the merc can't see your hands! It looks hilarious becuase you pull him over with you head! The Draw back is your aim is all screwed up, so you cannot shoot. To escape "Retard Mode", just get knocked over, preferably by your partner.

  • Xbox | Submitted by KC

    Funny Floating Legs

    This isnt much of a cheat as it is very funny. First drown someone in the water by going in the water, whistling for a guard and press A when it says to. When the guard is in the water, look at him and wait. Eventually his legs will float up. It looks hilarious. Try this at the bank entrance where you first start Theres water by the sign.

Splinter Cell 3 Easter Eggs

  • Xbox | Submitted by drlgamer

    Easter Eggs on the maps

    Xbox live

    The "U.F.O." Easter Egg
    Located on museum. As a spy drop down and follow the green signs. You should end up in a lit room with a staircase in front of you. go up the steps and take 3 rights. Turn left and jump onto the panel hanging from the ceiling. Shimy to the right and drop down. Go back outside and look at the top of the building all the way to the right. You should then see the "U.F.O."

    The "Fish and Bubbles" Easter Egg
    Located on Aquarious. 2 spies are needed. Go to the pirate room and go on the staircase. If you go over to the corner on the stairs there should be a secret cooperative move. Do the move then the spy that gets sent up will land on am invisible platform. have the spy go into the corner then jump down. There should be fish swimming around with bubbles coming out random places. if it doesn't work repeat the steps until it does.

    The "party Room" Easter Egg
    Located on Factory. As a spy climb up to the middle layer. Climb the pillar to the far right if you went left when you respawned. Climb all the way up then climb down. Then look for the room That has multicolored lights inside. The room should have 3 cameras in it. Lights should be flashing, music should be playing and chaff grenade feathers should be coming out of the ceiling.

    The "Skull" Easter Egg
    Located on River Mall. Go to the steps where the big fountain is and go half way down and look at the fountain. Turn on your Motion Vision and you should see a skull.

    The "Ghosts of orphanage" Easter Egg
    Located on Orphanage. As a mercenary go to the attic and turn on your motion vision. Go where the ceiling is open and look up. You should see things moving around.

    The "Screaming Demon girl Picture" Easter Egg
    Located on orphanage. Go to the attic and go up the ramp. Go about half way down and turn right you should see the really creepy picture.

    The "Giant Snow Globe/Mini Map" Easter Egg
    Located on Club house. 1 spy and 2 mercenaries are needed. NOTE: Only Mercenaries can see it. The spy needs to do the Midget glitch then go inside. Go down the hallway and into the vent closest to the glass. you should now be on the other side of the glass now. go down to the end and jump up on the wire. Crouch and hold right the whole time. Move out and press B. You Should then be on a small piece of wall next to the glass. walk all the way down and you'll be on a bigger paltform. Have the mercenary put his back to the glass and look all the way up. Walk forward and keep tapping A. When you grab him pull him through and knock him out. Repeat for the second and or third mercenary. IMPORTANT:Have the mercenaries heal each other. Then go all the way down past the vent to the end with the mercenaries. There should be a white/clear wall there. Grab a mercenary and make him face the corner of the white wall and the building and knock him out again. After the mercenary wakes up have him walk strait. Repeat for the second and or third mercenary. There should be a "snow globe" that has a mini city in it.

  • Xbox | Submitted by Chris

    Prince of Persia

    During Stage 5, while infiltrating Displace International, Fisher will be able to come across two guards talking about another great UbiSoft hit the Prince of Persia Warrior Within. It is the small cafe next to a laser filled hallway, past a keypad locked door. A second way to access the room is through a vent, but about half the conversation is muffled due to Fisher being stuck inside a vent.

Splinter Cell 3 Cheats

  • Xbox | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Keypad - Combonations

    The Bank - 1. Main Security Room: 2306

    DISPLACE- 1.Nedich's Office : 2609

    THE BATTERY- 1.Outpost Entrance: 1879

  • Xbox | Submitted by Kent Davis

    All levels in solo and coop

    Ok, to get all levels in both solo and coop levels, enter COOPA22COOL as the name for a file. This name must be the 1st player name in coop mode, and it only works in mission or elite mode

Splinter Cell 3 Unlockables

  • Xbox | Submitted by cory

    Unlock Elite Mode

    Finish the game one time. Elite mode starts with the knife only and unloaded guns