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Spirit toys seen

There’s always trouble when a beloved comics character – or someone from any source material – arrives in movie-form with a significant change. We’ve seen it with The X-Men, and we saw how the Daredevil faithful reacted to Michael Clarke Duncan as Kingpin.

Now Frank Miller – a man who knows a little something about the changeable whims of comics fandom - has decided to make his own change in adapting Will Eisner’s The Spirit. In the original, the main character Denny Colt does his crime bashing in a blue coat. If this new action figure image sent to Ain’t It Cool represents the truly finished look of the man in the movie, he’ll be in all-black duds.

Of course, The Spirit has been shot much the same way as Sin City, so there’s plenty of time to switch it again…

Source: ( Ain’t It Cool )