Terraform and conquer Mars with your mech army in the new Space Gears demo

A new trailer for RTS game Space Gears at the Future Games Show Summer Showcase Powered by Intel shows off the expansive mech armies you’ll be able to command as you battle across Mars, and there’s even a free demo available very soon.

Set far in the future, Mars has erupted into war in Space Gears, but advanced technologies mean battles are now fought with legions of hulking mechs. In PvE, PvP, and even RvR modes, you’ll need to gather resources, build your mech armies, and expand your territory to terraform Mars to your liking and assert control over the red planet.

However, South Korean developer Pentapeak Studios isn’t just making an average sci-fi RTS game with mechs, as its core gameplay revolves around endgame battles. While gathering resources, assembling your units, and constructing bases are part of the game, they’re all separate from combat. Instead, you’ll get to command several pre-made mech squads, and march them across Mars to battle in strategic arenas that can be captured and used for larger battles.

With squads of mechs ready to go, Space Gears, sounds like it really cuts to the chase for an RTS, allowing you to get in the heat of battle quite quickly without having to worry about base admin and micromanagement. These mech teams can also be customized quite considerably to suit your own playstyle or the foe you're battling, so you’ll need to use your tactical acumen to bring the right mechs to bear too – each one has two unique weapon modes that allows them to alter attacks to suit the situation.

Space Gears doesn’t have a release date just yet, so why not try out the Martian mech-commanding experience in the new demo, which is available from June 19 to 26 during Steam Next Fest.

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