Sonic shots give gameplay hints

Thursday 16 November 2006
This fresh batch of images from Wii-bound Sonic adventure, Sonic and the Secret Rings, gives us more views of the spiky one's towering dinosaur enemies, and hints at the sort of high-speed platforming we'll be racing through when the game's released next spring.

With a spiny T-Rex-like beast lunging over Sonic's path and a stampede of newly spotted Triceratops-ish dinos hurtling after him, we're guessing that Secret Rings will see us outrunning, dodging and hiding from these extinction-defying giants - possibly in chase sequences like the Killer Whale sprint in Sonic Adventure.

Also, with Sonic atop a drifting log in some of the images, expect more Sonic Adventure comparisons. Both Adventure games featured some brillo snowboarding moments (or streetboarding in SA2's case) so we're looking forward to some log-mounted rapid riding from Sonic and the Secret Rings.