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Sonic Rush Cheats

Returns Sonic to his glory days by focusing on speed, a jammin' soundtrack and exhausting level design.

Sonic Rush FAQs

Sonic Rush Hints

  • DS | Submitted by DominicDe-stroyer

    Extra Zone: How to Attack

    To attack the end robot in the Extra Zone:

    Sonic: When the robot fires the little spinning weapons, dash (A or B buttons) into them when the bosse's head is blinking. Do the same with the green bolts of energy. Now it will go to Blaze's part.

    Blaze: Hold the A button to make a fire ball, and fire on the bosse's head when it is blinking. Now it will go to Sonic's part.

    If you do Sonic's part 3 times and Blaze's part 2 times, Congratulations! You've just beaten Sonic Rush!

  • DS | Submitted by HG*OG&(

    How to Beat Bosses on Zone 1-4

    Leaf Storm - First collect all the rings. Then when the boss slams his head on the ground hit the cockpit.(be sure to dodge when he hits his head) a little bit later when he is almost defeated he will roll his head, if it gets you it will knock you off the platform causing you to die. Just jump over it.

    Water Palace - Like last time when the head hits on the ground hit the cockpit. jump over the head when there is no water and the neck is extended.Try to keep your self not under it's belly.

    Mirage Road - When the bug's ball comes towards you jump on it on an angle to make it hit the bug's butt.(Hit the ball when it's not spikey) When it flys up high and throws balls at you just keep running at one direction.

    Night Carnival - When the lightning ball is not shooting or eletrified hit it and the cockpit will be low enogh to hit. You can also step on the "bug" and jump high then land on the cockpit.

  • DS | Submitted by Sonic Fan

    How to Beat Extra Boss

    To do this you have to have all 7 Chaos Emeralds with Sonic, and beaten Blaze's Story mode.

    Sonic's part(1st part)
    After you go through all the movies and stuff you will start out as Super Sonic against Eggman. He will first shoot out two robots that shoot out rays and slow you down. To hit him you first need to lure those robot to where you can hit it, then do a Fire Dash on it and send it flying to the head of the Extra boss or it won't hurt him at all. When you send both of the robot and avoided his sword attack he will fly away and start shooting misseles at you. Those are no ordanary misseles if they hit you,(you wont belive this if you tried all the other extra zones on different games), you will acattcaully lose 5 of your rings. Do Fire Dashes to avoid them. Do that two times and then you will go to Blaze's part.

    Blaze's Part( 1st part)
    After You switch to the touch screen with Blaze you will start to battle Dr. Eggman Nega. First off he will do a claw attack on you so just move out of the way. To hit him you the need to get close to his head then press A, not B, to shoot fire,( Blazes part is easy because you have to shoot flames insted hitting stuff at him).After he does the claw attack at you 2 times he will fly away and rip a black hole and try to suck you in, press B a lot to avoid being sucked in, if you're sucked in, you won't die you just lose rings like Sonic. Then after that he will shoot his arm at you, avoid it or lose more rings. After you hit him two times he will be sent flying and Eggman will come.

    Sonic's Part( part 2)
    Refer to part one plus there is another attack he does if you took to long on part one, he will shoot lasers at you to get them to hit him make sure you're near the head the do a Fire Dash, A or B button, then deflect them back at him.

    Blaze's Part( part2)
    Refer to part one for the details.

    Sonic's Part(part 3)
    Refer to part 1 for the details plus he takes 3 hits this time.

  • DS | Submitted by Scribbles

    Blaze VS Sonic/Sonic VS Blaze

    This battle could be tricky but not really if you just keep your ballson the prize...I mean...Prize on your balls...I mean eyes on the prize thats right! XD Anyways. Once you beat the second act of the zone you will enter the battle with your opisite story character (ex: If your playing as sonic you fight blaze and vise versa)

    Blaze strategy
    When you start the battle Blaze will charge at you with her flame attacks. When she is starting to charge up a run dont try and hit her you'll just get deflected instead get in position to dodge it. She will also try and go in the air and charge downward at you,both of these are easy to dodge actully. Soon she will rise to the air,you will see little sparks of fire under you this is your signal to GET YOUR ARSE OUT OF THERE! use some fancy footwork and dodge the large collums of fire.Once you get her down to one bar of Health Sonic and Blaze charge at each other.At this point you have to repeadetly press the A or B button. Keep at it and go as fast as you can,rember you can pause the game to give your hands a rest.I recomend puting one thumb on the A button and one thumb on the B button and find a comfert spot. Once you finnaly push her off the bridge.

    VS Sonic strategy
    The Sonic battle as you would expect is harder than fighting Blaze. For this one use some fancy footwork to dodge Sonic's speedy attacks.Just like Blaze has her power move so does Sonic. He will create a tornado and try and suck you up so get as far as you can from him. Once you get him down to one Health bar the two will charge at each other, refer to the Blaze strategy for info on this part.

  • DS | Submitted by dragon1028

    Get "S" Rank

    To get an S rank on the levels you need to find a grind rail as close to the start of the level as possible. Go back and forth on the rail and max out your trick points. It's like 20,000 points. Once You have 20,000 points, find a place to die so you can reset your time. Now all you have to do is blast through the level as fast as you can.

  • DS | Submitted by Bobby Sterling

    Beat Boss of Leaf Storm Level

    To beat this boss wait until he slams his head down (be sure to dodge it), then jump on top of the cockpit. After a couple of times he'll put his head down and it will roll towrds you, when this happens get a running start and jump over it and if it comes back at you reapeat the process, this may happen several times and he can kill you by pushing you off the platform. When his head is done rolling he'll re-attach it and eventually slam his head down again, when his head is down hit the cockpit again. Repeat this procedure until he is dead.

Sonic Rush Unlockables

  • DS | Submitted by Sonic Fan

    Time Attack

    Beat the story mode with ether character and get time attack with acts and bosses.

  • DS | Submitted by Bobby Bingo's horse

    Unlock Sound Test

    Complete the game once with either sonic or blaze to unlock the sound test.

  • DS | Submitted by Carnage

    Extra Zone

    To unlock the bonus area in adventure complete the game with both characters and all seven chaos emeralds.

Sonic Rush Glitches

  • DS | Submitted by Jhon

    Secret Boss

    Leaf Storm Zone Act 1

    At the start of the stage run in reverse and jump you should land on an invisible platform there will be a portal next to you, jump in it and have fun fighting the secret boss