Sonic Generations launch trailer launches past us at blistering speeds

Sega loves playing games with our hearts. They love showing off something that looks like a traditional 2D Sonic the Hedgehog game, promising they've learned from their past misdeeds, and then laughing as we cry over the corpse of the once great hedgehog. But from the sounds of thing they've broken the trend, and released a launch trailer for the Sonic game we're saying is "easily the best Sonic game since the hog's Sonic 2 glory days."

Yeah, that's right, we're saying it's the best Sonic game in years. It might sound like a huge, sensational claim, but considering that most of the recent Sonic games have been fairly awful, it's really not all that fantastical of a statement. Either way you should check out the launch trailer, which is full of Sonic (both fat and skinny) doing all sorts of Sonic things, like running, jumping, and, well, running some more.

It's a fun trailer, but we can't help but feel that Sega missed a golden oppertunity to use the best Sonic song ever written in the video. If they're really showing Sonic over the years, surely they should have used the video below, right?

Hollander Cooper

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