Sonic Generations breaks franchise preorder records

Sega's marketing efforts for Sonic Generations appear to be paying off, as the studio announced yesterday that its upcoming 20th anniversary title has become the top most preordered title in the entire hedgehog catalog.

“Sonic Generations has exceeded all previous preorder records from the 20-year Sonic catalog, making it the most anticipated title in Sonic the Hedgehog's iconic history,” read Sega's press release, which we imagine was written to the sound of high-fives and popping champagne bottles.

Sonic's preorder success is owed in large part to Sega's promotion for the game, which has included a Sonic Generations of Skate event, a branding partnership with Six Flags theme parks, future inclusion in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, and a daily barrage of screenshots, videos, and gameplay information; the last of which included interesting details about the 3DS version's Spot Pass features.

An important sidenote to this story is early Sonic games did not have the benefit of the internet and/or preorder systems to help them sell. Nevertheless, this is a fine feather in Sega's cap. We'll see if Sonic Generations breaks any sales records when it is released for PS3, Xbox 360, PC and 3DS on November 1.

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