Snoopy vs the Red Baron Cheats

Snoopy vs the Red Baron Hints

  • PC | Submitted by Andrew the WWl Flying Ace


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    Here is a short description of the secondary weapons!

    Sky Rockets:These firecrackers will target your enemy and explode in a colorful blast

    Woodstock Mistle:This is kinda like a rocket and has a thrust like your airplane,so use it close but not TO CLOSE

    Balloon Launcher:Shoots water Balloons and gets rid of at least half of their health

    The Stinger:Massive Bees will chase the enemy when locked and sometimes 2 bees come out!!

    Potato Gun:A rapid-firing potato launcher that will French-Fry your opponent!Ketch-Up anyone??

    Flame Boomerang:A On-Fire boomerang that will bounce off up to seven enemy`s!!

    Lightning Rod:A electric zapper that takes a few seconds to recharge and fires a SUPER BIG VOLT!!

    Roman Candles:You can fire several seperate fireworks that home in on your enemy!!

    Snow Blower:Fire a Freezing Blast

    10 Gauge Pumpkin:Fire off Pumpkins!Best used when close to your Target!!

    Machine Gun:Able to upgrade!When all the possible
    upgrades are done you will have 4 machine guns and be able to destroy enemys QUICKER!!