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Smash Bros. slips to 2008

Oct 11, 2007

Well, now we know whySonic was announced yesterday- to cover up today's saddening news that Super Smash Bros. Brawl will NOT launch in 2007. George Harrison, Nintendo's vice president of marketing, said today that the game will hit stores on February 10th in the US, with no news on a PAL release. Nintendo's official media site still has yet to reflect this change as of 10:00am.

Though our first reaction is one of life-ending violence, we actually welcome this delay. There are far too many excellent games coming out this year, and Wii, of all systems, needs to spread out its "hardcore" titles. Mario, Metroid and Smash Brothers all in one year? That's overkill. Now we at least have Smash to play in February... where Mario Kart Wii used to reside. It too has been pushed further along into 2008.